1929 Ford Model A Roadster with ’59 Teardrop Camper

Ford-Model-A-Roadster with-Teardrop-Camper

Who thought teardrop campers are a think of the past should look over this awesome piece of restored ’29 Ford Model A Roadster. The trailer is actually from ’59 but the two look fantastic together. Even though the car has had its engine rebuilt and some ornaments replaced, the classic feel to it has remained the same. The touch of green to the rims of the wheels is for adding a bit of personality. Don’t let the aluminum surface of the teardrop camper fool you! It has been fitted with gas stove, cooler, sink, comfy bed and stereo sound television. You time spent camping is now made so much easy with all of these facilities available for you to trail with your classic car almost anywhere in the country. Check out the beautiful work done and use the pictures for your own projects in the future.

Ford-Model-A-Roadster with-Teardrop-Camper-1

Ford-Model-A-Roadster with-Teardrop-Camper-2

Ford-Model-A-Roadster with-Teardrop-Camper-3more details: Barrett-Jackson

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