1968′ Citroen HY Converted into Guest Bedroom Micro Cabin


Repurposed items are always some of the most creative projects you can embark on. Or if you’re not the kind of person that does these types of homemade adventures, perhaps you enjoy viewing them. The old bread van turned into guest bedroom is one such beautiful example that could become your favorite in short time. The 1968 Citroen HY located in Norway was cleverly transformed into a livable environment. A nice sofa and double bed easily offers the comfort you desire in a guest room. Bear in mind this DIY project isn’t intended for a full tiny house conversion, but a place for relaxing and sleeping. There aren’t any bathroom or kitchen facilities (the tiny fridge doesn’t count), but you can still enjoy a warm (heating included) ambience while you’re browsing on the Wi-Fi internet. If you are in Vestby, Akershus sometimes, you can rent it out for a few nights while you explore the area. It’s really cute decorated and cozy!







9 Responses to “1968′ Citroen HY Converted into Guest Bedroom Micro Cabin”

  1. Linda says:

    Very cute. I like it all; except the pillow that looks similar to the American flag is upside downn and backwards. The blue square should be upper left. Of course I can be a little obsessive about somethings.

  2. Ejbpokey says:

    It’s in NORWAY. There is no American flag pillow that I can see…I see a burlap sack pillow…but I’m not inspired to any misplaced indignant American patriotism over it’s positioning. But I can be pretty un-obsessive over burlap sack orientation….

  3. Laura says:

    I think it may just be a striped pillow and there is just a small blue pillow in front of it!

  4. Donna Bradley says:

    I love it! I wish it were in my back yard for my guests! What a fun experience for them, and I would not have to give up my privacy in my own home. I want it!

  5. Moi says:

    There should be at least a French pillow, as it is a French car… ?

  6. Patricia Scott says:

    Considering the high cost of building a guest room, this is a great alternative. It’s small enough you could park it anywhere.

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