20 Creative Ways to Repurpose Galvanized Buckets and Tubs


Creativity of people around the world doesn’t cease to amaze. The example shown here with galvanized tubs is such an opportunity. Both inside the home and in the garden, the tubs can have so many alternative uses. Your dog, your plants, the kitchen and all the food you’re going to prepare will have something to benefit for after you’ve implemented the ideas suggested on this website. With a raised garden bed you can improve the aesthetics of your place while a portable cooler can receive you some well-deserved cheers from the guests at your summer outdoor party. Browse through the creative DIY projects people made and feel inspired by them. Put your galvanized tub to good use!

1. How To Build A Raised Bed in a Metal Trough

raised-garden-bedmore details here…

2. Turn some galvanized tubs into a tower garden

galvanized-tower-gardenphoto source

3. DIY Galvanized Stock Tank Cooler on Wheels

galvanized-tub-stock-tank-cooler-on-wheels-smallerAre your parties too cool for a plain old plastic cooler?  Class it up with a customized cooler on wheels made from a stock tank… more details here…

4. Upholstered Bucket Ottoman: A How-To

Upholstered-Bucket-Ottomanmore detaiils here…

5. Galvanized Watering Can Garden Art



  • Galvanized metal buckets and tubs are indispensable equipment in any household. Our family uses them everywhere. When we need to water plants or collect fruits, vegetables, toys we look for a bucket. Even my cleaning kit I keep at the galvanized metal bucket. Our friends told that they grow tomatoes in galvanized tubs. I always know that Galvanized Buckets and Tubs can be multifunctional but some of your ideas are unexpected and creative. Thank you.

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