20 DIY Awesome Garden Art Ideas


The 20 DIY Awesome Garden Art Ideas we provide you with are an inspiration to work on making your property the best looking one in the neighborhood. And your creativity is put to the test here: you will have the opportunity to recycle, reuse and impress with all of your gardening skills. You can opt for some hanging wall metal bucket planters, bicycle planters or even toaster planters! A few pieces of art, like the donkey tire art, will definitely improve the look of your yard. Use hubcaps or colorful PET bottles to design flowers and other sort of art. Draw inspiration from all of the projects suggested here and welcome spring with a lovely new garden!



1. DIY Wooden Train For Your Garden

garden-art-ideas-1 source

2. Him & Her Metal Barrel Planter


3. Wooden basket planter

garden-art-ideas-3 source

4.  Bicycle planter

garden-art-ideas-4 source

5. Toadstool benches

garden-art-ideas-5 source

6.  Garden rock caterpillar

garden-art-ideas-6 source

7. Old Boat Planter

garden-art-ideas-7 source

8. Donkey tire art

garden-art-ideas-8 source

9. Mosaic ladybug garden-art-ideas-9

10. Teacup tire art

garden-art-ideas-10 source

14 Responses to “20 DIY Awesome Garden Art Ideas”

  1. Cindy Reynolds says:

    everytime I try and pin this a message comes up that says it was blocked because it might lead to spam….:(

  2. Caroline says:

    Omg. Such creative ideas.

  3. Karen says:

    Love this post. Great ideas and so easy to navigate through. Thanks

  4. Kathy says:

    Cool ideas !

  5. Andrea says:

    Same here too. I can’t pin anything

  6. Lisa says:

    Just post it on FB and you can access the photos

  7. Jane says:

    Wish there were links for ALL the ideas showing you how to complete the projects. No links for the hub cap flowers or the soda can flowers.

  8. Tara says:

    No instructions on materials for each project. Looking for what the pedals are made of in the hubcap flowers.

    • Sand Pebble says:

      If you click on the word “source” below the photo, you will get to the full website with instructions etc.

  9. Gary says:

    Thanks for all the ideas. Can’t wait to attempt some of them in my own yard. Would love to see more fountains. – awesomegardenfountain.com

  10. Ruthdigs says:

    They’re just whole hubcaps I think.

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