20 Super Clever Upgrades To Make To Your Home


Improving your home is something we all have to do at some point. Whether it’s a major change in your life (like a baby coming on the way) or you simply wish to change the design into a better one, upgrades to your house will surely improve the way you interact every day in that space. And the great thing about it is it doesn’t have to be major changes, but small yet clever upgrades do the trick. Check out the variety of creative ideas at your disposal, like the in-counter storage for bread and fruit or the multiple shower head to name only a couple. There are stuff for saving space like the half table added over the toilet paper holder or ingenious outlets in drawers. And there are inexpensive makeovers like a stainless steel contact paper applied over the kitchen appliances to give them a luxurious look. You can choose any you like and improve your home immediately!

1. Build a small mailbox library.


2. Swap out your showerhead for this amazing one.

upgrade-your-home-2 more details here…

3. Make Pallet Coffee Table With Storage, Slide Out And Lift

upgrade-your-home-3 more details here…

4. Remove your fake drawers and make them functional.


5.Create an Office Anywhere with Fold-Out Convertible Desk

upgrade-your-home-5 more details here…

6. Multiplo can be your bed, table, sitting room and much more in some easy moves.

upgrade-your-home-7 more details here…

7. Install in-counter storage for your fruits or bread.

upgrade-your-home-8 more details here…

8. Folding Mirror-Dining Table

upgrade-your-home-9 more details here…

9. Split a regular door into dutch half doors.

upgrade-your-home-11 more details here…

10. Add personal tabs so everyone gets their own toilet seat.

upgrade-your-home-12 more details here…

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  1. Geneva Tungate says:

    Don’t you mean 13 DIY ideas because 7 of these are flat out advertisements!!! What a waste of time! Your page is now unfollowed

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