Multiplo Modular Furniture Concept by HeyTeam

Multiplo is a modular furniture concept designed by Italian studio Heyteam, which can be transformed into useful furniture units when needed. Style, functionality and above all it’s adaptability to fit in our small apartments. Versatile and modular furniture are best suited for our houses with limited space. Multiplo can be your bed, table, sitting room and much more in some easy moves. Take a look at this modular furniture concept.

8 Responses to “Multiplo Modular Furniture Concept by HeyTeam”

  1. Sakura says:

    I love this idea for a guest room. You could have a hang out space for the family or your kids every day (rather than wasting it on a bed) and then when guests visit rearrange these into the guest room space you need. It looks like you could have one king, two full, four singles or mix and match with sizes or side tables.

    It would also be amazing for a kid or teen’s bedroom or a dorm room as they could have an everyday set up with a bed, seats and side tables, but when their friends come over for a sleep over rearrange them to accommodate four single beds.

    I also love the fact that these are low to the ground, meaning you can use them in low clearance rooms like an attic space, like in the pics!

    They remind me of the rearrangeable cushions Pottery Barn Teen sells, but these are much better suited for use. I hope they thought to add non slip grippers on the bottom of these guys to make them more practical. They would need something on the bottom to keep them from sliding around.

    Great idea HeyTeam!

  2. ccorona says:

    Really love this anyone know where I can get it and how much

  3. Chava says:

    Please begin producing this yesterday! And please in a kiddie size! Desperately need to move preschooler to a bed but we have NO space for it, this would be so perfect – a child size bed that can turn into a child-size table or couch come morning…

  4. wannama says:

    Its not in production yet- just a concept- too bad!

  5. Kyra says:

    I REALLY wish they would make this now, it would be a huge seller, i love that it turns into a play mat and bed and the others! So cool!

  6. Suzanne says:

    Please this every hard working family’s dream ….. to make furniture work like this in all areas. Please make this and marketed it …you would find it would sell great …. if MY PILLOWS can sell this would too .

  7. Michelle says:

    Hi. This is not a complete new concept. I can remember when I was small my parents had a sleeper couch like this. Completely foam. It was very comfortable. I would love to have one again.

  8. Alexandro Avina says:

    Wow thats next level right there! I hope they start making these! Id buy one for suree!

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