23 Amazing Examples Of Living Willow Fences


When you have a house protecting it from the outside can be an important aspect, especially if you care for your privacy. This means you will need to install a fence to delimit your territory. But there is a much better option, than a simple fence: a living fence. This is a great way to give personality to your home and invite nature in your live. Living fences can be of many types, but the most intriguing ones are willow hedges or fences. Living willow fences are quite widespread in Europe and they come in various designs and patterns. If you are looking for inspiration or simply feel that you want to learn more about these types of hedges, take a look below. You will find 23 amazing examples of living willow fences from all around the world.

1 Living willow fence at Vevey Garden, Switzerland


2 Botanical Gardens of Wales







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  1. Bernice A Shepard says:

    I want to try this.

  2. Anny says:

    Where I can find willow tree!

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