27-Year-Old Pays $0 Mortgage to Live in a Modern Tiny Home That She Built for $35,000

At the age of 27, Precious Price embarked on a unique housing journey that not only allowed her to live rent-free but also showcased her ingenuity and financial savvy. In 2020, she decided to build a luxurious 296-square-foot tiny home in the backyard of her 1,400-square-foot house located in the heart of Atlanta, Georgia. With a budget of $35,000, Precious carefully designed and constructed her tiny home, incorporating innovative space-saving solutions and high-end finishes that make up for its modest size.

What sets Precious apart is her strategic approach to homeownership. By renting out her main house, she generates enough income to cover her mortgage, property taxes, and utility bills, effectively making her tiny home a cost-free safe space. This financial independence not only allows her to live comfortably but also affords her the flexibility to pursue other passions and investments. Precious has become a symbol of the growing trend toward alternative housing solutions, demonstrating that with creativity and resourcefulness, individuals can carve out unique and financially sustainable living arrangements.

In addition to the financial benefits, Precious’s tiny home represents a commitment to sustainable living and a minimalist lifestyle. The compact space is not just a dwelling; it’s a reflection of her values and a conscious choice to reduce her environmental footprint. The tiny home movement, championed by individuals like Precious, challenges traditional notions of homeownership and opens up new possibilities for those seeking a simpler, more self-sufficient way of life.

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