DIY Solar Water Bulb


The Liter of Light began in the Philippines with one bottle light. Eventually, the movement grew to brighten up 28,000 homes and the lives of 70,000 people in Metro Manila alone. Now Liter of Light is present in India, Indonesia, and even as far away as Switzerland.




8 Responses to “DIY Solar Water Bulb”

  1. Gungor Ayar says:

    It is amazing,I would like to make it in my home but it is not clear enough how to get sunshine to be used as a bulb.

  2. Sue says:

    How much chlorine to how much water

  3. Shakti says:

    where is the video tutorial, I can’t find it.

  4. Thunderingsound says:

    This a great idea! Many people in third world countries live without electricity, it is something they can implement

  5. Pdboo says:

    How much do you plan to charge for the whole tutorial, like information about ratio of ingrediences or their purity, does it work only in liter bottle?

  6. Dragonstorm says:

    Seriously it is common sense as to how much bleach to use. No more than a tbsp or so. Also they are not charging anything! Follow the NEXT arrows to the third page and the video is there. I had no trouble finding it.

  7. Patti says:

    Would be great in the out house on our land during the day. At night a flashlight would work .

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