This 30-Year-Old Won the NYC Housing Lottery and Pays $1,000/Month for a Luxury 1-Bedroom Apartment—Take a Look Inside

Nkenge, a 30-year-old content creator from Harlem, achieved a dream she never thought possible: securing a luxury one-bedroom apartment in Manhattan’s Flatiron District through New York City’s housing lottery. Growing up in the Bronx and Harlem, Nkenge always viewed neighborhoods like Flatiron, where the median rent is an astronomical $5,394, as unattainable. After submitting over 120 applications in three years, her perseverance paid off in 2023 when she was selected for a rent-stabilized apartment. Now, she enjoys the benefits of a spacious unit with amenities like a gym, game room, and rooftop access, all for just $1,000 a month.

The affordable housing program has transformed Nkenge’s life, reducing her rent from $1,900 in Harlem to $997 a month in her new luxury apartment. This drastic cut in living expenses has allowed her to focus on her long-term financial goals, such as saving for homeownership and securing her future with investments in life insurance and retirement plans. The stability and affordability of her new home have provided her with a newfound sense of security and opportunity, enabling her to plan for a future where she can achieve even greater financial independence. As Nkenge looks ahead, she remains committed to advocating for broader access to affordable housing, recognizing its critical role in improving the quality of life for many New Yorkers like herself.

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