32 Creative Porch And Backyard Swing Ideas


If you have plenty of free space in your garden, it would be a nice idea to install a swing in one of the corners. In case you have children, they are surely going to love to have a swing at home, but if you don’t, you can still enjoy the benefits of a swing as an adult. There are so many great swing designs out there, that it’s hard to choose just one. But you can shorten the list by thinking of some features that you’re looking for in a swing and make a list. For instance, would like a larger swing, suitable for 3-4 persons or a small one? This also depends on the size of your garden, so if the space is limited a large swing would look crowded there. Below are featured a selection of 32 creative porch and backyard swing ideas…



1. DIY Skateboard Swing

Creative-Backyard-Swings-1 more details here…

2. Car Turned Into A Swing


3. Swing made from tree trunk



4. Cedar Pergola Swing Bed Stand


5. Arched swing and arbor


6. An outdoor hanging bed


7. Relax in Nature With a Cozy Swing Bed

Creative-Backyard-Swings-7 more details here…

8. DIY – Old Fashioned Tire Swing


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