39 foot Thomas Bus Conversion to RV


You would be surprise to find out how many objects can be turned into a living space or even a house. You already know about grain silos, but did you ever think about a school bus as your next home? This amazing 1998 Thomas Built school bus has been turned into a tiny house. The designers did such a stunning work and this tiny home looks very cozy and welcoming, not to mention awesome-looking from the outside. This tiny bus home can be easily moved from one place to another and the 39 square feet interior is more than sufficient for a family of 3. The interior look great and welcoming, being comprised of a living room, bedroom and a small kitchen/diner. If you are an adventurous type, who works from home and wants to have the freedom of moving from one location to the other, such a tiny bus home would be ideal for you and your family. It can be purchased for $45000 from Maryville, Tennessee.

  • Size: 293 Sq. Ft.
  • condition: excellent
  • fuel: diesel





2 Responses to “39 foot Thomas Bus Conversion to RV”

  1. Richard Haughton says:

    Good idea, tranceform and old bus into an updated RV.

  2. Rise says:

    This is lovely, but, there are some things you need to know before you wholly invest in the rv/tiny house. Most (if not all) places that rent to rv’s, 5th wheels and travel trailers do not rent monthly to vehicles more than 10 years old. If it’s not 2006 or newer, forget it. They also won’t rent to most homemade or custom rv or trailers. Anything custom made needs to be inspected and licensed for road use with current registration and insurance before they will rent to you. Most places that will rent monthly to rv’s will not take a tiny house (including most mobile home parks) Be prepared to winterize all water and drain pipes and holding tanks in the wintertime. Rv’s and travel trailers were not designed for full time use and exposed pipes, drains and holding tanks are plastic and will crack when frozen. Some of the newer ($150,000 and up) ones are designed to eliminate these problems but the regular priced vacation rv’s are not. Most rv parks will rent to anyone on a per day basis (even older rv’s and tiny homes) but the cost is $30 to $75 a day depending on amenities. That can get quite a bit spendier than just renting an apartment or house.

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