3D Landscape Embroidery Captures Colorful Aerial Views of England

If you love to have the window seat while flying, you’ve surely stared out of the window a lot of times and stared at the colorful patterns on the ground from up in the air. It is just so nice to see the landscape beneath you appear like small and colorful patchworks, while you’re enjoying your flight.

Textile artist, Victoria Rose Richards was inspired by aerial views when she made her 3D embroidery designs that reenact the landscapes of her hometown Plymouth from England. Her pieces contain all the details that you could notice from an aerial view and the colors used are truly stunning.
Having a background in biology, Richard’s love of nature and earthy elements comes only natural, so transposing this into her art is a way of expressing her inner world.
Richard was also diagnosed with autism, and textile art is a way for her to feel calmer and in control of her feelings. She uses different techniques to create her embroideries, from French knots to straight stitches and what makes her works stand out are the 3D design elements.
You can follow her on Instagram and Etsy to the entire list of works and even order one for yourself.  These are available in the links below…

Find it HERE…

Find it HERE…

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