40+ Photos of Animals Interrupting Wildlife Photographers

Wildlife photographers have a hard time capturing their subjects, as animals don’t know about the hard work they are engaging in. So whenever a wildlife photographer takes a photo of a still animal, capturing all its majesty, it can be considered a small miracle.
There is a thread that went viral on Twitter and it was compiled by Joaquim Campa, showcasing wild animals interrupting photographers in the most unexpected moments. The results are of course hilarious and surprising in many cases, as the animals have been minding their own business when a stranger entered their territory. The thread features foxes, owls, meerkats, deers, and housecats, some climbing on the cameras and others approaching the lens up close to inspect it.
If you are having a bad day or feeling a bit under the weather, this Twitter thread is exactly what you need to cheer you up and remind you of the innocence of animals. Humans can learn so much from then about trust and kindness, and in some cases, it seems that even photography skills.




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