400 Sq. Ft. Costum Log Cabin on Wheels


Gastineau Log Homes designed this beautiful oak log home on wheels that can be your next permanent residence. It’s a spacious 400 square feet construction, suitable for those who need to relocate frequently because of their job. This log home is part of the Log Cabins 2 Go collection, all of which have been built on trailers. The only tricky part is that due to its size (wider than 8’6″), they require a professional to be moved and you will need to hire a specialized company. But until then, you can enjoy the beautiful and cleverly divided interior, with a large living space, loft and kitchen. There’s only a welcoming upstairs bedroom and an outdoor porch, so this log cabin has everything you’d ever wish for. Take a look at the floor plan…

Oak-Log-Cabin-on-Wheels-1 Log Cabins 2 Go (LC2GO) are a totally new concept using full log wall construction in a park model housing unit. **$44,900 base price






18 Responses to “400 Sq. Ft. Costum Log Cabin on Wheels”

  1. rajab kiseka says:

    Please teach me how to construct this log cabin

  2. Bonnie. bennett says:

    Love cabins looking. at living tiny i think ur cabins. have great tast. style

  3. Craig Maynard says:

    Oh my goodness .., I love the actual 400 sq log cabin on wheels. So, when are you planning to move to Australia?!? Lol. Just want to say thank you and I am so impressed with the workmanship.

    Kind regards


  4. Kevin Doherty says:

    I have land in northern new York and need to put a place on it, this looks awesome. Is there one of these in upstate NY i can go look at and talk to somebody about?
    My phone number is 607-372-2379
    Thank You!!

  5. Wilbur says:

    I would like to know how much the finished log cabin is hope to hear back soon thinking of getting one

  6. Tim Slaven says:

    Would love to see a catalog of all you have to offer and pricing.
    Mailing address is
    26 DAIRY LANE, BRADFORD, PA. 16701

  7. Beth Browb says:

    price list – with the loft? Love this!

  8. jade says:

    What’s the price

  9. gaillard martine says:

    Plase in french y dont speak englis my home is in CH 20 RTE bouillettaz 1978 lens (vs) suisse

  10. Tony walker says:

    Just wondering what the price is and if it is priced by the foot ?

  11. Melissa East says:

    Can you send catalog of park model cabins 2 go 400 sq ft. Looking to purchase

  12. Jeff Hoogendoorn says:

    Price and availability

  13. Dennis breuckman says:

    Beautiful. Is that plumbed and wired.

  14. Harry Steele says:

    Costum? who edited this?……. CUSTOM…….

  15. Kalani Olepau says:

    I am very Interested in purchasing a Log Cabin on wheels if the price is right. Do you build a double wide? And what will a Double Wide cost? If I could design my own, what would it cost? And if I order 4 or more Log cabin on wheels what would it cost? Thank you very much.

  16. sarcastix says:

    “Costum”…. WTH? is it CUSTOM or is it COSTUME????????
    Wow you’ve re-invented… the mobile home… and at only $45k!

  17. Gregory Hubler says:

    Like to have book of different styles and prices. 8151 George lane Barnhart Mo 63012,Greg Hubler

  18. Bernie Karl says:

    Could you please have some one call me. We have a 2000 acre Resort and are looking to build 40 more cabins. Do you have any of your units in Alaska?
    Thank you
    Bernie Karl

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