55 Gallon Metal Drum Project Ideas

gallon-drum project

When you aren’t connected to the DIY community and the DIY way-of-thinking, a barrel is just a barrel. You don’t see past the obvious function of storing that a gallon drum has and that’s a pity. But no need to feel down because we are here to offer you a fresh and creative approach to things around you. This nice collection of ideas in which you can repurpose your gallon drum is going to help you improve your home and lifestyle. The impressive design you can obtain out of a normal barrel is astounding. A sofa, a chair, a cabinet, a bar and even a light fixture can be made out of a gallon drum! It’s really amazing, we know. Plenty of uses for the outdoor as well, as you can repurpose the barrel into a planter, a fire pit, a toy car and surprisingly a bike rack! Check out the entire collection of ideas and DIY projects and you will definitely impress with your fresh new way of seeing things. I’m gonna attempt some of these ideas!!

1.How to turn 55-gallon drums into home furnishings

gallon-drum project-1

2. What to do with 55 Gallon drums? Make some funiture out of them.

gallon-drum project-2

3. Industrial furniture units…Industrial Chandelier

gallon-drum project-3

4. 55 gallon drum bike rack. Love it!

gallon-drum project-4

5. Recycled 55 gallon drum arm chair. Turquoise powder coat with automotive grade white vinyl upholstery.

gallon-drum project-5

6. Recycled 55 gallon drum armchair

gallon-drum project-6

gallon-drum project-7


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