76-Year-Old Grandpa Expresses Himself with Timeless Style

Günther Krabbenhöft is the living proof that having style never goes out of style, no matter how old you are. He became an Internet sensation and is known as the most stylish grandpa out there. After pictures of his daily outfits were posted on the web, everybody wanted to learn more about his story. Krabbenhöft’s age hasn’t been confirmed yet, and it is suspected that he is 76 years old, but some sources stated him bing a 104-year-old fashion icon. But his „outfit of the day” photos don’t have anything to do with age, as Krabbenhöft dresses as fresh as any young man interested in fashion, and his attire is always dapper. He prefers the classical style, but with a twist of modern accessories, such as boots or hats and colorful mix and matching that doesn’t go unnoticed.
According to Krabbenhöft his sense of style and love for fine clothing was always a big part of his life and was interested in fashion even in his younger years. You can follow him on his Facebook account where he continues to inspire both younger as well as older generations all over the world.

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  1. SACHI HIRONO says:

    Wow…he is so stylish and LOVELY!! Thanks to the photographer whoever had taken them.
    This made me re-assured that there should be more of those fashion photos featured matured and ageless styles, with both professional and amateurs models!!

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