78 Degrees Is Now The Recommended Temperature Setting For All Thermostats

With the heatwave and energy consumption being at a record high, governments around the world are providing recommendations to the population about how to set the correct temperature in their homes.
In the US, the recommendation for how cool one should keep their home was agreed to be 78 degrees. This suggestion came from Energy Star, a federal government program, and they agree that this is the optimal temperature when being at home.
When away. the home’s temperature should be set to 875 degrees and at night to 82, which sounds a bit odd considering that extreme heat will disrupt your sleep schedule and the body needs a cool medium to rest.
These fixed temperatures will help reduce energy costs and consumption, but they need to be applied by the majority of the population in order to work collectively.
According to Energy Star, every extra degree added to your home temperature will help a household reduce its costs by 3%. Statistically, the proposition sounds promising, but it could easily backfire if not applied properly by every citizen.

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