8 Awesome Recycled Fences


Did you decide on building a fence but aren’t quite sure what design to choose and how the final result will look? Via this website, now you have the opportunity to see a number of easy-built fences made out of recycled materials. No, really, you could take glass bottles just like the ones in the photo, preferably a bunch of each color you like, and attach them together to a steel frame to create your creative and unique fence. The wooden pallets are just as a popular material as the bottles, but if you want to certainly impress then check out how bowling balls, surf boards or 3 by 3 pieces of ceiling tins will look `guarding` your property. Bicycle frames, doors or even window frames can be also turned into useful and quite nice-looking fences. Take a look at the collection provided and grab some inspiration from the various projects featured.



1. Bicycle Fence


2. Surf Board Fence



3. Old Door Fence


4. Bowling Ball Fence


8 Responses to “8 Awesome Recycled Fences”

  1. Random college graduate says:

    I have seen one where the fence have been painted to look like a box of crayons.

    really cool.

    dunno about all those surfboard though, they easily cost a few hundred dollars.

  2. What an exquisite recycled design that you have shared. It is great to know that waste can create an amazing new world. Appreciated the step-by-step instructions and the tips you have given. Your mind-blowing thoughts can help my fencing company where I work for in and around California to create a new phrase for fencing from recycles materials. I can now redesigns vinyl to chain link with a new look. Nice share.

  3. Donna Warnecke says:

    I really enjoyed the pictures, ideas were grand!!! Hope to see more of this kinda stuff on National Media sights not just FB.

  4. Catleen G. says:

    So inspiring! We just moved to a new place and our fence needs to be repaired. Recycling is such a good idea! My husband and I found pretty much old wine bottles and mason jars in the basement and we could use them for our ‘new’ fence. Thanks for your post!

  5. wilma says:

    love how this helps the world clean up its waste

  6. Katherine says:

    We use skiis around my area!

  7. Shiela says:

    Old surfboards gotta go somewhere…when no longer surfworthy..lots of surfboard fences in maui

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