8 DIY Root Cellar Ideas for Natural Storage of Fruits and Vegetables


If cooking is something you hold dear, but your home doesn’t have a cellar, there’s only one thing you can and must do: build a DIY root cellar. Now, obviously the most important part would be the costs of such a structure. Luckily, we have a collection of 10 ideas you can use in order to make your own awesome root cellar with as little costs as possible. One solution from the ones provided in the list can be implemented if you keep in mind that you should build the cellar below ground. This way, you will be using the earth as a natural insulation. But there are other ideas available at the click of a mouse. Check out all of the projects of DIY root cellars and make it a real possibility to not use refrigeration for storing fruits and vegetables in order to make delicious recipes in the future. Good luck on the building project!

1. Root Cellar and Storm Shelter

Mike from Michigan shows how he repurposed a old Agricultural Liquids tank to a Storm Shelter and cold foods storage.


DIY-Root-Cellar-Storm-Shelter-1 The Root Cellar – Storm Shelter Guide

2. Building Barrel Root Cellars


3. What To Store in a Root Cellar

A handy chart for storing vegetables



5 Responses to “8 DIY Root Cellar Ideas for Natural Storage of Fruits and Vegetables”

  1. tammy says:

    The top three photos – I want to know how to do that – how was a roof done? etc….. thanx

  2. Juston says:

    We buried a school bus several feet underground and attached it to our existing storm cellar

  3. Audrey says:

    question I live in a high water table area. What ideas for a root cellar for this kind of situation?

  4. melanie shepherd says:

    Very interested in burying an old freezer..what are the pipes coming out of the ground on each side?

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