10 Free Dog House Plans


You might overlook the fact that you’re not the only one who needs a comfortable enclosure to live in. Humans’ closest animal friends, dogs, need a house of their own to grow healthy. We’re not talking about a rusty little shack in which you tie your dog with a chain, just like in the movies. This is not only wrong but in some cases might lead to a consistent fine and maybe some prison time – if the dog is ill because of the awful living conditions (also known as animal cruelty). To avoid all this and to make sure your dog has all what it needs to be healthy and grow happily, we suggest you build a proper dog house. For this purpose, we offer 10 free dog house plans you could use in your DIY project. There are designs for every taste and budget: from the very simple to the most complex; focus on functionality or put emphasis on the fancy decorations, it’s completely your choice. Check out the entire collection of plans and start building. Good luck!

1. An attractive and safe dog house

dog-house-free-plan-1 free plan

2. Build a mini ranch house for your pooch

dog-house-free-plan-2 free plan

3. How to build a log cabin dog house

dog-house-free-plan-3 free plan

4. Free Doghouse (or Playhouse)

dog-house-free-plan-4 free plan

15 Responses to “10 Free Dog House Plans”

  1. alisha says:

    it only shows 5

  2. Jean says:

    Yeah, they neglected to include the “previous” button for the first four. If you go up to the address and replace the “2” with a “1” you can see the first page (of course, the address doesn’t match the title of the article! In the address it says EIGHT dog house plans!): http://goodshomedesign.com/8-free-dog-house-plans/1/

  3. Brian says:

    This is page 2, the other five are on page 1:

  4. merrychicago says:


    5 on page 1
    +5 on page 2
    =10 total dog houses

    Helloooooo, “turn” the page.

  5. David442 says:

    Where are the plans for the doghouse above #1? Is it a combination of one of the other doghouses?
    Any help would be great.



  6. Josh says:

    From some mobile devices the “turn page” link isn’t there…

    Hellooooo, thanks for the helpful post…

  7. Andre Klem says:

    Please send me copues off this dog houses, too the e mail Adress

  8. Sandra Green says:

    I am the chief of a k9 team theses would be great. Thanks

  9. Lynn says:

    Wish I could pin to Pinterest – but it keeps telling me that this page is full of spam. Wish y’all would fix that so I could share with my many followers.

  10. Rosemarie Podwoski says:

    I have 9 dogs, 3 indoor and 6 outdoor. Dogs that are in one way or another rescue dogs. I feed them, love them and take care of them.
    And even nursed them back from snake bites coyote fight and battles from other wild animals.
    This has surprised me since I am a country girl.
    Getting the plans would be something I would like for them, they are good dogs.

  11. Nancy says:

    Where are the free plans for the first doghouse with covered “patio” area?

  12. Norma Perez says:

    Maybe you could copy and paste it into a Word document. That way you can keep it.

  13. Chery says:

    I was wondering if you had plans for #11?

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