8-Year Old Boy Raises $120,000 to Support His Favorite Waiter Through Hard Times

Kayzen Hunter, an 8-year-old boy from Little Rock, Arkansas, has proven that age is no barrier to empathy and kindness. His heartwarming story revolves around his favorite waiter, Devonte Gardner, at the local Waffle House. The Hunters, a family from Little Rock, made it a tradition to visit the restaurant every weekend, where Devonte served them with a friendly smile. Over time, the waiter-customer relationship evolved into a genuine friendship between Kayzen and Devonte. Despite the age difference, Kayzen grew fond of Devonte and considered him not only a favorite waiter but also a cherished friend. The turning point came when Kayzen, during a visit with his grandfather, learned about the challenging circumstances Devonte was facing.

Devonte, a hardworking father with two daughters and a wife, was living in a motel due to financial constraints. Motivated by compassion and a desire to help, Kayzen insisted that his mother, Vittoria Hunter, create a GoFundMe page to support Devonte. The fundraising campaign, titled “Help Devonte get a family car,” aimed to provide financial assistance for a reliable vehicle and a clean rental property. The response from the community was overwhelming, with the initiative raising $120,815 by February 2024. Devonte expressed his gratitude, noting that the funds allowed him to secure an apartment and plan for a better future for his family. The bond between the Hunters and Devonte continues, symbolizing the enduring power of friendship and compassion in unexpected places.

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