A Beautiful $10,000 Off-The-Grid Tiny House With HUGE Solar System

Most tiny houses are equipped with an off-the-grid system, so you can live an environmentally friendly life and produce energy. But what if you want a tiny house on wheels which powers itself?

Well, this next home has an amazing rooftop filled with solar panels and powers itself. The house produces so much clean energy that it can power itself, but also a small house building shop, as it has a 4-kW solar array and 36 kW of battery storage.

The house was built by Glade and Cloe and they invested a lot of energy in it, but at reduced costs, since most of the materials used in the construction are recycled from the trash.
This way the cost of the home was reduced substantially, and they reached a total of AU$10,000 which sounds great for an off-the-grid tiny home.

The house can be found on the outskirts of Melbourne, Australia on a 12 acres land and it looks great both inside and outside. Glade works from home, from where he designs tiny homes for others and make sure you check out the interior of the house, which features lots of cool upcycling ideas.

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  1. George Grossman says:

    Great idea but here in southwestern New York State cost be?

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