A Brilliant Way to Decorate Your Stairs: Stairway Art Ideas


Always thought of your stairs as a necessary but wasted space in your home? Now you can do something about that, and we have made it so easy for you. We found someone who produce stunning, durable, imagery in sizes designed to fit your stairway and provide a dramatic accent to your room! All designs are created on an adhesive vinyl product designed to be easy to install and extremely damage resistant. The adhesive material, while strong enough to stay adhered without peeling, is also readily removable without damage to your stairway if you change your mind or want to try a different one of these designs. Take a look and choose what you like…

Stairway Art on GoodsHomeDesign



Add this beautiful waterfall from Jasper National Park to your home! Stairways come in all different widths and number of stairs.  More details here…


This is available HERE…

3 Responses to “A Brilliant Way to Decorate Your Stairs: Stairway Art Ideas”

  1. Eric Martinez says:

    I really like the river through the mountains one.. where can I place an order??

    • Andrea says:

      You can find the stairway designs on etsy.com or click on the caption under the last two pictures of stairways where it says (more details here) on the above picture.

  2. Neethu niju says:

    Please give your contact number l am from Kerala ,Trivandurm I would like your stair design. I can please an order

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