A Bunny In A Cute Hood – (Free Crochet Pattern)

Bunny-In A-Hood

A comfy toy for your kid to play with is too expensive for you to purchase this year? No need to worry as the DIY community has a solution for these kinds of things. The cute bunny you can see in the pictures is made entirely from yarn and stuffing. Crocheting a fuzzy thing like this will prove so easy that you will wonder why there aren’t any more crochet toys, or anthropomorphic creatures lying throughout your home. Following the Japanese art of Amigurumi, you will be able to design an adorable thing like the one featured here. And achieve this with the single crochet stitch, making it a project easy to make by beginners in this field. Another trick to making the job a whole lot easier is making each piece individually and then stitch them together. Take a look at the tutorial and get on to work.


A Bunny In A Cute Hood – (Free Crochet Pattern)

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