A Clear Sphere In Which You Can Read And Relax, Or Even Cook


Misca Lab’s new Cocoon 1 is clear sphere that offers loners the perfect shield from the outside world. Spanning 6 feet in diameter, the cocoon includes a number of optional modules to ensure maximum comfort. From pillows, to a stove, right down to the kitchen sink, Cocoon 1 is a tiny oasis that brings new meaning to personal space. Perfect for reading outdoors, at night, in the rain, or even cooking! The interesting and inspiring object has a battery that will last you up to 40 hours of light or 30 minutes of cooking. The really impressive feature is that it can float on water! Check out the photos and imagine how cool it will be to spend the afternoon in one of these.



Cocoon 1’s modular pieces make the circular escape a unique space for each user.




2 Responses to “A Clear Sphere In Which You Can Read And Relax, Or Even Cook”

  1. marcia smiley says:

    Where can I purchase the outdoor sphere, and what is the cost? Thank you.

  2. Rachel Olynuk says:

    A very strange concept, why not just sit outside and grab a book and some fresh air?

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