A Cozy A-Frame Cottage


Having a comfortable and welcoming home doesn’t necessarily mean a lavish structure and luxurious interior. If you too are in a sort of financial hotspot and don’t quite have the opportunity to build your dream house, why not try the next best thing? Take this couple from Belgium as inspiration and make your own tiny A-frame cabin. The residence you see in the images was thought initially as a temporary house but it could easily turn into a lovely home. With quite a simple layout, the cabin has the first floor designed for daytime activities, while the upper floor is home to a comfortable bed, waiting for you to catch a well-deserved night sleep. Almost-entirely made from recycled materials, the A-frame tiny house is very much similar to a regular apartment. The interior design with its rather neutral color scheme is quite attractive; the furniture as well as appliances and electronics also have a great part in this area. Browse through the photos and use them as inspiration for your own tiny home!






6 Responses to “A Cozy A-Frame Cottage”

  1. Brian Clarke says:


  2. Random college graduate says:

    I guess the positive thing of having such a small sq feet caving would be the heating is not that high. Course I don’t feel comfortable going to sleep next to the electric jacks let alone having stairs look like a pair of scissors but I guess but it beat leaving out of a tent.

    • Random college graduate says:

      Forgot to edit that one, sorry.

      leaving … living! face plant.

    • Bobby says:

      Yeah, those overloaded electrical jacks over the bed seem terrifying. The whole upstairs area seems poorly designed. There are also at least two additional places where windows could be. Its a nice thought but needs some major refinement.

  3. Sheryl Vargo says:

    I just love your A-Frame Home.

  4. Kristopher Sather says:

    Imagine the stairs drunk

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