A Cozy Cabin in the Judith Mountains, Montana


This Montana home is a dream come true for the owner, who dreamed about having a peaceful residence in Alpine Gulch in the Judith Mountains. The 113 acres propriety could easily be part of a fairytale-like scenery. The impressive lodge was built in the middle of the forest and is perfectly integrated in the beautiful surroundings. The combination of modern and rustic design is truly amazing and the soft white shades of the interior harmonizes with the ruff exterior in a stunning manor. The lodge is large enough for a bigger family and the upper part of the home has an amazing view and large floor-to-ceiling windows. To find out more about this beautiful lodge and details about its construction and the materials used, visit the following link. It can be a real inspiration for you soon-to-be-built dream home.

AIA – Montana — Merit Design Award Winner

source: prairiewindarch.com

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