A Current Japanese Trend Is Polishing Ordinary Aluminum Foil Balls Into Shiny Orbs

Who knew aluminum foil can be so much fun when offered extra attention? There is a Japanese trend in which people have started rolling balls out of aluminum and polishing them until they become smooth and shiny.
The before and after pictures of the aluminum foil boils have taken the Internet by storm and more and more people all over the world are joining the challenge.
There are even video tutorials out there that can help you learn how to polish an aluminum ball, and one of the best tips and tricks can be found SKYtomo’s video.
To make the shiny ball, you’ll need aluminum foil, a few handy tools, and lots of time and patience. The key element in all this process is the sandpaper and one useful trick is to send the ball under running water.
To obtain the shiny coating, you’ll need to use polishing cream and a chamois cloth. So, if you feel crafty this weekend and have a lot of time on your hands, just head to SKYtomo’s YouTube channel and start working on your shiny aluminum orb.


Photo: sekaiminzoku

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