A Homeless Woman Finds Shelter In The Most Unexpected Way



Los Angeles has an ever-increasing number of homeless people sleeping on the streets. Since the numbers are so high it’s hard to offer shelter to all of them, but this man found a cheap way to do that. He proved that you can change someone’s life with just a little bit of effort and creativity.
Since Elvis Summers knew that some spare change can’t really give hope to a homeless person, he took this matter into his own hands and decided to build a small home for a woman that was sleeping on the dirt, close to his house.
Smokie was a 60-year-old woman in great need of support at an age when people are preparing for retirement and a peaceful life alongside their family. In her case, things didn’t really go that way, on the contrary. She was living on the streets, asking for cans in Elvis’s neighborhood.
One day Elvis got inspired to build a home for Smokie after reading about the Tiny House Movement. This movement encourages people to build homes, out of discarded materials, for the homeless. A tiny house like the one shown in the video didn’t cost more than $500. A small price to pay for the opportunity to bring a small glimpse of hope in someone’s life. The only downside is that Smokie has to move around the neighborhood every 72 hours with her tiny house so that she doesn’t receive a fine from the police.
For more information about this story, see the video below.

2 Responses to “A Homeless Woman Finds Shelter In The Most Unexpected Way”

  1. Torraine says:

    Such a wonderful gift of love.

  2. Nerida says:

    Only thing is the Tiny House Movement isnt particularly aimed at building tiny homes for the homeless, although several charitable groups have done that, or particularly aimed at building with scrap, although some people have done that too, it is simply aimed at encouraging people to build their own tiny home and thus reduce their environmental impact on the planet. It also encourages people who might not otherwise be able to afford a regular home, to build a low cost home for themselves.

    Nice idea this guy had and he did what he could. Good for him.

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