A photographer captured breathtaking images of a ‘horizontal rainbow’ over a lake in Washington

Nature never ceases to amaze, you just have to pay attention to see all the tiny, fascinating details. Luckily, there are lots of talented photographers out there who are in contestant search of perfect moments and every once in a while, they manage to capture them on camera.

This amazing picture of a horizontal rainbow was photographed by Cessna Kutz from her porch in Lake Sammamish, Washington. Horizontal rainbows are very rare, and the scientific name of this phenomenon is called a fire rainbow as it lights up the entire sky.
Witnessing such a unique moment makes you feel very special, as the entire scenery is covered in colors and life gets a natural filter.
Rainbows are formed when the sun is at the right height, which is higher than 58 degrees and the weather is cloudy, but it must be cirrus clouds that appear in the sky. These clouds have ice crystals in them which act as a prism, refracting the sunlight.
The pictured captured by Kutz doesn’t have any filter on it, she only slightly adjusted the colors to make them more visible. This is a truly inspiring picture and it is no surprise that it instantly went viral on social media platforms.




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