A Rescued Green Turtle Pooped Out Plastic Trash For Weeks

Plastic pollution has so many negative impacts on the environment and living creatures, that plastic production should be stopped immediately.
Unfortunately, we are living in a fast-moving consumer world where most of the items we buy are highly reliable on plastic. The fact that the animal world is widely impacted by pollution is obvious, but this sad story will emphasize it even more.

A recently rescued sea turtle that was found near the coast of Argentine, the capital of Buenos Aires painted a very grim picture for the vets taking care of him. In the months spent at the vet and observed by the doctors, the poor thing pooped a total of 13 grams of plastic in the form of small pieces of nylon bags, nettings, and other ingested plastic trash.

The green turtle was caught by fishermen at the end of December 2019 and brought to at Mundo Marino Foundation. The experts from the Foundation, discovered a worrying amount of plastic in the turtle’s digestive tract.

The radiographic images showed particles of foreign bodies in his intestines, so the doctors put the turtle on medication to help him eliminate them faster.

This is just another sad example of how our choices and lifestyle impact the world among us and cause harm to other living beings.

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    We need to help the earth and her creatures. This is our fault ,t we are careless and disreguard the damages we do to wild life and where we live. Don’t throw plastic in our oceans or lakes, cut up plastic rings, so it does not strangle a bird . There was a whale that died and floated on the beach, they found 50.pounds of plastic bottles, bags ect.that blocked his intestines. We killed that whale, by our carelessness.

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