A Sci-fi Looking Furniture That Should Be Featured In Transformers


A new series of furniture specifically designed for small living spaces, while proposing functionality with a modern twist, was developed by Boxetti. This project challenges our conventional perspective on furniture, offering an almost sci-fi looking alternative to it that brings together advanced technologies and contemporary aesthetics of minimalism. The furniture line of the Latvian designer Rolands Landsbergs includes pieces developed for bedrooms, living rooms and kitchens, with a diverse and versatile range of futuristic looking compartments.

(1) BOXETTI_LOUNGE – living space module
(2) BOXETTI_LUNCH – a kitchen module
(3) BOXETTI_PRIVATE – bedroom module
(4) BOXETTI_PRACTICE – workspace module
(5) BOXETTI_THRILL – TV and sound system module

Any of the modules can be closed as a box in order to save some room, inside them being hidden diverse possibilities of furniture such as a bed, chair, desk, bedside tables and more. Mixing them up will result in five different shaped modules, in accordance with your needs at that time.

1.BOXETTI_LOUNGE – living space module

The module for living spaces is called Boxetti Lounge and is composed of a three-seat couch with removable blocks that can be transformed into coffee tables. Furthermore, the extendable panels placed on the sides can become tables as well. More extendable surfaces can be found on the back.





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