A Small Cabin: Amazing MUST-See Interior



Monika and Sam built this small cabin of their own design near Horsefly Lake in central British Columbia. From the outside it looks all so simple. Once you step inside, you will be pleasantly surprised. This small post beam cabin has all the comfort you need in a landscape surrounded by nature. Built in 2010, near Horsefly Lake in central British Columbia (Canada), this classic style cabin is comprised of an open living space, a loft (accessible by ladder), a small kitchen and bathroom. The front porch is just to add to its appeal. The structure isn’t made of squared-off timbers but out of post and beam. Large logs are used for the porch, floor and roof, as you can see from the images featured here. Look in closer detail at the photos to imagine how it would be living in this amazing and cozy cabin.

The cabin is pretty small with just 320 ft2 (29.7 m2) on the ground floor, and wood finishes inside add to the cozy feel.


horsefly-lake-cabin Photograph by Monika Petersen


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  1. wayne christianson says:

    awesome cabin. Very well done. Congrats.

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