A Sustainable Treehouse Community in the South Pacific Region of Costa Rica


Would you like a dreamy tree-house for you to spend the hot summer nights in? The Finca Bellavista community will offer the space for such an opportunity. Located in the mountainous south Pacific coastal region of Costa Rica, the rustic and rural landscape is kwon for the diversity of biology as well as for the lush homes and residences. As you could see from the picture, the warm ambient allows for thin wooden walls and large mesh windows all over the room. You can build your dream house within this community and across the lines described beforehand, only after the candidate trees are assessed and properly chosen for you to begin planning the tree-house. That’s why it’s important you have prepared the style of tree-house you desire. Keep it simple and don’t forget to leave room for open spaces; after all, it’s a house in a tree so space is an important factor.


Wellness treatments and services are to be found for leisure activities. Also, such a tropical location will give you the opportunity to hike, go bird-watching, explore the magnificent waterfalls and sky-trails. Without any further details, be inspired by the tree-house showcased here to brainstorm your own design idea and begin the process of enjoying the next summers at their best!


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