A Tiny Stockholm Apartment Painted Blue

If you own a small apartment and are looking to redecorate, most of the designers will suggest choosing a lighter color for your walls in order to enhance the living space. But darker colors can also work for smaller apartment and this next tiny Stockholm-based apartment is the perfect example for this. Matthias Vural, the owner of the apartment, decided to paint his walls dark blue and the effect is stunning. The entire apartment has a size of 34 square meters, but taking a look at the pictures it sure doesn’t look like a tiny space. Matthias, managed to create extra space by reorganizing the floor plan and placing the bedroom in the space where the kitchen used to be and moving the kitchen in the hallway. The decorations are all soft, nature-inspired colors and many plants so the entire space looks warm and welcoming. Take a look at the selection of images on the link below and share this amazing design with your friends too!


photos by Jonas Gustavsson for Residence

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  1. Midhun says:

    Wow…. it doesn’t look like a small place.The entire apartments look great and the designs are amazing.Everybody will love to have such apartment.Nice article, Thank you.

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