A Tiny Wooden Shack In The Woods


A handmade tiny wooden shack is a viable option which many people consider nowadays for a home. The project we feature here shows that you can make your nest in the middle of Nature just the way you like it. Take a virtual tour of how this wonderful DIY piece of architecture was completed. From the simple door to the panels of ply bead of the ceiling, you can have your very own secluded retreat if you follow the example of the person who made the modest shack showcased here. And the interior shouldn’t be only traditional, even though the shack might be associated with this idea. An elegant floor and slick minimalistic furniture is definitely a doable alternative. Check out the photos. The surrounding woods are so inspirational. You just wish to sit on the upper floor pine board walls bedroom and gaze out through the window for hours on end.





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  1. Mike Dee says:

    Poorly thought out, and poor craftsmanship all around. That’ll be a hard no from me.

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