A Tiny Woodland Cottage


The woods are full of amazing hidden treasures, just like this next tiny cottage house. Located in Somerset, England the cottage was named Birdhouse Treehouse thanks to its looks. The tiny rounded window that overlooks the front porch, makes this cottage resemble a birdhouse, but once you see the interior you will be taken to a whole new space. Spacious and modern, the interior was designed with taste and attention to details. The house has an L-shaped floor plan and lots of pallets were used in decorating the interior and separating different areas, such as the bedroom, kitchen and living room. The contemporary interior also features the use of soft and pastel colors, so it is in perfect harmony with the fragile and delicate look of the entire cottage.  To learn more about the Birdhouse Treehouse, watch the video (page 2) below and take a look at its beautiful interior space.






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