A young couple quit their jobs and set off to build a glass cabin in the mountains of West Virginia


In 2012, Nick Olson and Lilah Horwitz quit their jobs and set off to build a glass cabin in the mountains of West Virginia. Even though the couple in their early 20s used glass windows and took the roofing from an abandoned barn, they worked hard on putting all of them together. And the effort paid off as the beautiful and eco-friendly house stands proof. Check out what they’ve achieved and let the photos speak for themselves. Maybe they will inspire you to try and do the same thing!











15 Responses to “A young couple quit their jobs and set off to build a glass cabin in the mountains of West Virginia”

  1. Cookie says:

    You can just build a house anywhere you like?

  2. Gary says:

    A Really beautiful home and something I would be happy with.

  3. Dianna says:

    I love it. Something great for a summer home

  4. doumée says:

    Et en plus c’est ravissant…
    Chuis partante !!!

  5. Sherry says:

    Are there no building codes there? It it legal because it sits off the ground and it not connected to the grid? I’m curious – don’t think Oregon would let me do that.

  6. ThePunitiveDamage says:

    I find the whole thing to be replete with preachy platitudes from “The Hipster 101 Manual On How To Live A Simple Life”. You do realize that there were generations of people before you and that people over 30 exist right? This childlike sense of wonderment that hipsters get over anything vintage does’t pass for wisdom, nor does it make you more interesting than anyone else. Most of the world lives “off-grid” without power or fresh water in the third world, but its quaint as f##k when a couple of colonial 1st world hipster mutherf##kers walk around like they’re posing for a recreation of a depression era painting. Nothing new here. Just more vapidity and trying too hard to seem interesting.

    Like many hipsters these days, it’s all about how they look superficially and lacks any real substance. As with a lot of videos like this; it seems Hipsters only communicate with people the same age and walk around bloated with self-satisfaction, describing to each other how they’ve “discovered” something vintage, giving their life heftier existential meaning than it deserves. Like this self-proclaimed “artist” who’s basically re-creating Great Depression era style photography in the same vein as Dorethea Lange, but acting like he’s the first to think of this. It’s not enough to just go live a simple off-grid lifestyle, you have to Video blog about it. Something inherently hypocritical about it all. I’ve always been from the school of thought that an Artist is what others call you after accomplishing a lot of good work, it’s not enough to just wear the hat and dress the part.

  7. B says:

    C’mon now, fancywordman. You lost all credibility when you called them hipsters. Hipsters don’t do manual labor.

  8. Diana says:

    If it weren’t for people, talking about what they are doing, you wouldn’t have them to criticize.

  9. Jeffrey Lee says:

    A simple uniqueness making old things new.

  10. Donna says:

    Inspirational. “Just call me an artist”. Thanks for sharing.

  11. Michael says:

    They’re gonna freeze their asses off.

  12. Alan Boyle says:

    I want to do something similar but with wooden pallets and make a 20ft tall A-FRAME house. The whole structure of the building will be wooden pallets, including the upstairs and downstairs flooring. The roofing tiles will be hand made shingle wooden tiles. I am looking for a plot of land as I type the posting, but nothing is grabbing my interest at the moment.
    PS anyone fancy a go at self build just go for it, you might even like it. I will go for solar and wind power and a log burner. My goal is to be morgage and fuel bill free

  13. Katrina says:

    I would quit my job and move to the country, only I don’t have a job to quit and land in Australia that looks like that is minimum $250K. ?
    I am a bit tired of reading how people have decided to slum it after writing a job. If be interested in more detail, did they work crappy retail low wage jobs or are they just another set of wealthiest with no kids and designer dog moving to the country in a quirky house….

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