Abisko Interesting Wash Basin


Abisko washbasin catches the freedom and simplicity of unspoiled mountain springs and waterfalls, inspired by the Swedish national park Abisko, probably with some of the purest water in Europe. Abisko washbasin is an appeal to care about water and awareness of the western cultures waste of natural resourses. Abisko is casted in one piece of homogeneous Cast marble. Cast marble consist of a polymeric compound of 80% marble powder with a synthetic binder.
You will be stunned you see the magical and curvy beauty of the newest and interesting Abisko Wash Basin from Eumar. The washbasin are available in variety of shapes and patterns and will definitely make your bathroom look more attractive and appealing.



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  1. Nima says:

    That was very amazing. but I think that water drops can make the floor dirty, it should be come lower.

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