Acacia Wood Slices For A Rustic Garden Path


This DIY project has become quite a quality for the tourist establishment. It’s not only for a hotel but it can also be replicated for your own cabin or back/front yard. After you decide on the shape you want the walkway to have, proceed to removing the grass and vegetation. Then, create a trench on the path. In this you will later carefully position the 10-cm thick acacia wooden slices. But before, you should prevent sinking into the earth by mounting a geotextile material over which you should put some ballast. It is recommended you pour some sand as well on top so the pieces of wood have some room to settle. Get the pieces in position and maybe use a machine to secure them in place. Sand and gravel is also put over the slices in order to fill all the empty spaces remaining. It looks beautiful!

acacia-wood-slices-rustic-garden-path The lovely walkway seen here comes from the yard of the picturesque Magnolia Pension.

acacia-wood-slices-rustic-garden-path-1 found here…






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