Adorable and Affordable Kit Cabins


A wooden cabin can be something you should enjoy all year, not just during the summer! Using high quality timber is the secret behind such a structure. And the Escape Cabin Kit will help you tremendously in achieving a similar result. The DIY friendly contents of the kit can easily put together by 2 grown adults. The total time of the build might take a couple of days and with a cost of only a few thousand dollars, it is highly sought. The design is simple and highly attractive in its category. You can use it as a guest house, a home office or simply a place for relaxation.

The product offered by Lillevilla Cabin is environmentally friendly, the manufacturers having a long tradition of planting 5 trees for each tree that was used in the building process. There is no need for interior finishing and the materials for both the floor and roof are included in the kit. You could opt for a terrace and use it to receive guests on those warm pleasant days. Find out what material you will need for such a DIY project and follow the instructions carefully. Good luck on your work!


  • clay on said:

    These look awsome.can’t wait to see some plans and get started. i definitely would tell people bout these. great guest houses on private lands hidden in some corner lots or just out the back door of the main house.

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