Adorable Chili/Elf Baby Shoes – Free Pattern


Clothing for children seems to be a highly profitable business nowadays. Popular designers compete with each other to grab people’s attention and also the contents of their wallets in the process. The DIY solution can always represent a good and affordable alternative. Baby clothes are more easy to make at home instead of buying some items from the store, mainly because you haven’t got a lot of work to do and little materials to use. At the same time, this pair of handmade crochet baby shoes we suggest for the purpose mentioned above, might be the perfect present to give at a baby shower. It’s even cuter than the ordinary pair of shoes you can buy because the pattern we offer for free will make the baby shoes look like a couple of chili peppers or elf shoes. Go through the full tutorial (free) and find out how to crochet a nice pair of DIY baby shoes.


Adorable Chili/Elf Baby Shoes by Jee (FREE PATTERN)

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