Photographers Gain Entry into Traditional African Village Where Every House Is a Work of Art

This village in the African savannah is a true masterpiece, as it hides some amazing works of art painted on the walls of its houses. Tiébélé is an African village in Burkina Faso which dates to the 15th century and is the home of the Kassena people.

Photographer Rita Willaert, together with travel blogger Olga Stavrakis have traveled there in 2009 and took some of the most amazing pictures, showing the hidden gems of the village. Since this is an isolated place, they are among the few people who managed to enter Tiébélé and document its life.

Their traditions and lifestyle have captured the attention of the Internet and they received certain instructions before entering the place, such as never wear red or don’t bring an umbrella, as only the local royals are allowed to do so.
But the most amazing discovery when it comes to the remote village is its clay houses painted in geometric patterns and natural colors. They offer a true visual spectacle and there are different patterns for the noble houses and different for the “common people”. The homes hide a simple interior with a small kitchen and clay pots and lots of local traditional artworks.
To learn more about the beauty of Tiébélé browse through Rita Willaert’s one-of-a-kind pictures.

Photo: Rita Willaert

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