Amazing Body Spa Shower System by Kohler

Look, someone has thought of this … is a innovative idea and has a simple concept : hydro-power. This BodySpa by Kohler is a super product, for a relaxing shower. This systems use a concept similar to whirlpool bathing. Simply fill the basin with water and activate the pump to start the flow. BodySpa systems propel water through the air to maximize the invigorating effect of hydro-massage. After enjoying the BodySpa experience, simply turn off the pump and open the drain.
What do you think about this BodySpa? Have you ever seen anything like this or is something new for you? Your opinion matters a lot to us, because we always want to show you the best products on the market.

• One tower, footbath, drain, faucet and enclosure required for each complete BodySpa installation
• Recommended for use with basin that holds between 90 and 200 gallons of water for continuous water feed to tower .
• Back-lit user control
• 10-Jet Tower
• Lighted waterfall
• Recirculating pump delivers flows up to 80 gallons (302.8 L) per minute of powerful hydro-massage
• Aluminum tower”


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14 Responses to “Amazing Body Spa Shower System by Kohler”

  1. Dana Caffrey says:

    I’m a spa fanatic, and I’m always there every week. But this is something new, I haven’t tried this body spa shower before. But I heard they are so relaxing. I think I might visit your spa one of these days. So excited!

  2. Chelsea Smith says:

    Very interesting! I’m a busy person and visiting to the spa is one form of my relaxation. I will definitely try this, sounds and looks fun to me. Thanks for sharing this.

  3. Details says:

    Thank you again for all of the info.

  4. marja says:

    Water wasting… I love showers, but this is too much.

  5. Maryam says:

    Are you wasting this much water?! Do you even have a designer?

  6. Microspar says:

    Woah this kind of website is very useful i adore mastering your site content. Keep inside the excellent paintings! You know, loads of individuals are searching spherical for this information and facts, you are able to enable them to tremendously.

  7. nyla says:

    well a cheap way to hav this fun is… stand in an automatic car wash place urself instead of ur car… 😛

  8. Javi Pons says:

    Wonderful photos!! Thanks!!

  9. John says:

    Looks amazing!

  10. Brian Cunha says:

    I’m looking to find the Kohler body spa system documented on your website above that is no longer manufactured by Kohler that I purchased in 1996. I need some replacement doors. Do you have the door and shower assembly?

  11. Katherine Ramirez says:

    Looks fabulous but I can’t find it anywhere. Where do you buy this amazing shower system???

  12. P. Hawkins says:

    Hello, I have this Kohler body spa with the curved doors. Do you knowvwhere I can get parts? It’s a wonderful unit.

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