Amazing Bulb Table by Joseph Walsh Studio


This next amazing set of furniture was designed by Joseph Walsh, who is an Irish designer and works mainly with wood, creating structures that resemble nature. If you take a closer look and examine his works, the connection between the designer and his material of choice cannot pass unnoticed. He shapes wood in stunning and never before seen ways, looking as if this was the natural form of the wooden piece. Walsh uses a very unique technique and creates very thin slices of wood that connect to each other and the pieces slick as much as possible. Each and every piece is created meticulously and requires much attention in order for the product to be an extraordinary one. The table in the picture was named Bulb table, and its name takes us back to nature reminding us of the bulbs of plants, which are the stems and facilitate growth.


bulb-table-1 bulb-table-2 bulb-table-3

2 Responses to “Amazing Bulb Table by Joseph Walsh Studio”

  1. Jackie says:

    Absolutely stunning.

  2. Shirin says:

    Absolutely beautiful peace of Art

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