Amazing Jag Grill BBQ Table


If you’re planning to throw an outdoor party than this ingenious table will be a great helper and the center of attention. The octagon shape of the JAG Grill table makes it perfect for sharing stories and impressions while having a delicious meal. But this table is not an ordinary piece of outdoor furniture, shaped in a clever way. The grill table blends two of the most important activities in an event held outside: food and socializing. And it does so in the most participative way. The bold design allows each of the 8 possible guests to sit at the table and prepare what sort of meal they want in front of them. Every side of the octagon table has a small grill on which you can fit a couple of chicken breasts, a pork chop, and a couple of sausages.


All this while the center is occupied by the fire element, making it perfect to gather around on chilly evenings. Also, you could place some vegetables on top of the center grill to have them tasty and roasted. With a metallic black and stained wood theme, the table and chairs alike offer a unique outdoor experience in which you can enjoy yourself and improve your cooking skills in the process. That’s really impressive!


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12 Responses to “Amazing Jag Grill BBQ Table”

  1. Darlene Harris says:

    Just love. Wish I had one for entertaining family and friends when the weather gets cooler. Great idea.

  2. Anthony moretti says:

    How much is that BBQ slash fire pit cost and where can I get it

  3. Damian Siembida says:

    It looks nice, but I am not sure about it… What about smoke? It is impossible that it will be no wind, and at least one person will be sitting in smoke. But idea of common BBQ table is quite interesting.

  4. Darlene Brooks says:

    Available through

  5. Reza says:

    not every one knows how to do it though….somke will be a big problem…stupid price….lets stick to ordinery bbq… 😉

  6. haleh says:

    after about 10 min every body smell smokey fat…to much charcoal needed,,,,will be too hot…so your feet get bbq 2 ……sitting in somke is not ideal….

  7. Peggy says:

    So, they’re not actually using the bbq portion in any of these pictures because there would be someone trying to push into another person’s “eating” area to get out of the smoke. Not to mention you’re so far apart and people trying to talk across the table are having to do so over the top of the raised section in the middle. Not a cozy comfortable arrangement for many involved. Not to mention….having one’s drinks that close to the bbq is gonna melt your ice fairly quickly and water down your booze. Not alot of thought process into this idea, but there are those who are stupid enough to drop that kind of money to own something they will maybe use once before realizing it just sucks.

  8. Virginia Roccaforte Pretz says:

    Are the chairs also included in the price????

  9. Sean says:

    Can I sacrifice virgins on it ?

  10. bob says:

    put some live chickens in the middle!!!
    (cock fights)

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