Amazing Off-the-Grid Tiny House on Wheels


Living off-the-grid is every ecologists dream. But the road to this type of life is not easy, as it requires ambition and funds. Once in a while you just happen to stumble across beautiful and inspiring projects and Shannon and Fred’s tiny house on wheels fits the description perfectly. Their home is located in Victoria, Australia and it took them 3 years to design and build this unique home. The entire home is self-sustainable as it isn’t connected to the main power grid. The living room can be rearranged in order to turn into a guest bedroom and the couple has an upstairs bedroom for everyday use. The other side of the second floor features a child’s space, an area created for the couple’s daughter. This is a great home that will inspire anyone who would like to live a more eco-friendly and sustainable life. To learn more about Shannon and Fred’s amazing journey, watch the video below…




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