Amazing Oval Community Gardens


Nærum, Denmark, are considered one of C. Th. Sørensen ‘s most important creations. In 1948 40 oval allotment gardens, each measuring c.25 × 15 m/80 × 50 ft, were laid out on a rolling lawn, a common green, in a fluid progression. How awesome is that! With hedges surrounding each area, the individual plots were left to be decorated by the owners themselves. The out of the ordinary neighborhood look amazing from above and even more spectacular to explore on the ground. With no road access to each plot, people might seem reticent to have this design replicated in their area, but in this manner you are encouraged to walk more, have fresh air before you get in your car and even meet some of your neighbors along the way.





2 Responses to “Amazing Oval Community Gardens”

  1. Rob says:

    Reminds me of ancient British huts and villages.

  2. Nerida says:

    i have always been a great proponent of the walking village. The most common slap has been “but old people cant walk”, well maybe they could if they kept it up, no-one says they have to rush. My mother-in-law walked daily until he death at 92. She walked with a stick and toward the end she should have been using a walking frame but she thought that was undignified and continued to manage with just the stick. She said walkers were for old people.

    And of course if you are to old to walk you are quite possibly too old to drive a car.

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