Amazing Rotating Sink has Cutting Board, Colander & More


Kitchen + Bath Artisans, is a full service design firm specializing in but not limited to kitchen and bath design. They also offer architectural and interior design and consultation services for residential and commercial projects. Tim Odom, principal of Kitchen + Bath Artisans was tasked to create an unmatched kitchen for his clients that reflect both their unique personality and the house’s surrounding beauty. “The common theme in this kitchen,” explains the designer, “is the subtle details that you don’t notice until you focus. That’s my definition of good design.” The sink was the premise for the kitchen’s design that began two years before any purchases were made. The problem was that once it came time to order the sink, it was discontinued. “We hunted it down and finally found the very last one…in Sweden”. The Rotating Sink is amazing …  has cutting board, colander & more. If you want something like this, contact Tim Odom.





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  1. I really do like the rotating sink so maybe they’ll bring it back … and anyways, you got the one you needed for this lovely kitchen.

  2. Jason Pritchard says:

    Do they make a smaller version that you can put in your sink?

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